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New engine builds

Barnett Racing Engines can provide competitors with a brand new Formula Ford 1600 engine, built to our race-winning specification.

Ford conrod big end

Engine rebuilds

As part of our race engine preparation services, Barnett Racing Engines provide a comprehensive rebuild package for your existing Formula Ford 1600 engine.

Race support

To ensure your winning advantage, we can provide race day support, car setup and driver coaching to get the very best out of your Barnett Racing Engines FF1600 powerplant.

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Whether you're looking to find those final few tenths to get you on the top spot of the podium, or you just want the peace of mind that only an expertly built Formula Ford 1600 engine can provide, get in touch with Barnett Racing Engines now.

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A full workshop address for engine drop-offs and collections will be provided on request.